Prince Edward County, Wine Tasting Tour, oil painting

County Wine Tour, oil on canvas
24 x 24

Following on inspiration from a wine tour weekend away in Prince Edward County a few weeks ago… i decided I’d work on 2 paintings I had started on this theme a while back.  One got a full glaze (in transparent earth red) and I’m waiting for it to dry before working into it again; but this one kept me busy most of today. I stopped myself before working it to death,  i’m liking the loose  brushwork.

It usually takes time for me to perculate ideas absorbed from travel… i’m better at condensing and simplifying painting ideas  if I give it a few weeks knocking about in my head first.  So today, while painting this theme,  I am also thinking about my recent trip to Rome, and how I felt about that eternal city.

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About Sally Chupick

The way light falls on form, that's what interests me. It effects not only what we see but how we feel about things. The challenge is finding a harmony in the complexity of it; mixing what I see and what I want to see to create my paintings. I work in oils and in watercolours.
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One Response to Prince Edward County, Wine Tasting Tour, oil painting

  1. mbeldman says:

    Beautiful painting, makes me want to pick up a glass of wine! :)
    Thanks for sharing the beauty of rural life.

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