SCA show – Halifax

Here’s Rachel and I at the Halifax Club for the  opening reception of the Society Canadian Artists Elected Members Exhibition which we attended on Sunday afternoon. It was a fun opportunity to connect with other SCA members, share the art love.   The thumbnail on the left is the piece I entered in the show.  It was exciting for me to see the works from the other artists. There was about 70 pieces.  The show runs until Dec 30th.
I loved the musical accompaniment;  a  duo called the Fine Tuners.  … had a hard time not breaking into a jig! I’m a little bit obsessed with east coast music and the fiddle in particular…must be my Nova Scotia roots.

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About Sally Chupick

The way light falls on form, that's what interests me. It effects not only what we see but how we feel about things. The challenge is finding a harmony in the complexity of it; mixing what I see and what I want to see to create my paintings. I work in oils and in watercolours.
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4 Responses to SCA show – Halifax

  1. kaseyharrington says:

    Hi Sally,
    Looks like you’re having a good time…as you should. Lovely picture of you and Rachel! You both look so proud.

    • hi Kasey! thanks for your comment. Good times have kept on trucking…basically been a flurry since Rockport paint out. I will have to settle down to my regular quiet schedule soon:)

  2. Barbara says:

    Beautiful painting and you look amazing. Congratulations. You deserve it. Sounds like this is an especially awesome fall.

    XO Barbara

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