Rome in September

On Sunday Sep 23rd, we stopped at the Spanish Steps for a photo, along  with a million other tourists!  After the sun went down, we found a table at one of the hundreds of open air restaurants nearby for dinner.  I love the evening atmosphere in Rome… so magical… outdoor cafe’s spilling onto tiny back alleys; cars, motorbikes, musicians, restauranteurs…Rome is definately La Dolce Vite.(the sweet life)  The other picture is us on day 3, at the Piazza Venezia; that’s the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier behind us. No-one can sit on those steps…they are under 24 hr guard. Dave got the afternoon off from work, and we took a tour to the catacombs just outside of the old city wall.  That was interesting and enlightening… I always thought that’s where Christians hid from persecution, but in fact that is only a legend…catacombs were Christian buriel places which formed a maze of alleys and tunnels in the volcanic rock underground.
The Vatican Museums, are breathtaking in the scope of the collections.  I loved the Raphael rooms.(left)  The incredible ceiling paintings throughout the whole expanse of the museums is absolutely jaw-dropping…and the Michelangelo paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is but only one of them!  To the right  is just one of the decorated ceilings in a long hall, which was full of 15th century maps and artifacts.  Below is a courtyard in the museum.  Five days in Rome = happy Sally!

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About Sally Chupick

The way light falls on form, that's what interests me. It effects not only what we see but how we feel about things. The challenge is finding a harmony in the complexity of it; mixing what I see and what I want to see to create my paintings. I work in oils and in watercolours.
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6 Responses to Rome in September

  1. Christine R. says:

    I loved Rome too. We went last May and really enjoyed it. Glad you did too :)

  2. Hi Christine! So much beauty beauty everywhere there.

  3. Barbara Muir says:

    Hi Sally,

    Lucky you, how wonderful! This is my dream. XO Barbara

  4. Holly Chupick says:

    Soooo excited to see the rest of your pictures this weekend! I love the picture of you guys on the steps..might have to blow this up for a frame. And I was smiling ear to ear watching the little video with Dad in it…he looks sooo relaxed and in his element. Glad you both had such a wonderful time

    • Hi Holly, Thanks for lookin! I will be real happy to show you the photos. There is a few other little vids too, but they take too long to upload onto Youtube in order to post them to my blog. I’ll show you them on the weekend. I am really looking forward to having the gang in for turkey lurkey and ham. …hey that sounds like the name of a Dr. Seuss book:) I have a little somethin for you and for Jeff.

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