Autumn watercolour, Kingston, and Rome!

City Hall in Autumn – watercolour/brown ink – 4″ x 6″   This is one of 4 little sketches I did by commission for the City of Kingston…they requested a sketch of each of the city’s 4 cultural buildings and this, being City Hall,  is one of them.  I think they might use them for some publications.  I love great architecture, and I’ve always loved our little City Hall.   Autumn dresses it up a bit.
Tomorrow I’m headed for Rome, Italy. (speaking of architecture and art!) woohoo!… a little bit excited!  After that, i’m in Halifax.  One of my piece’s is in the Society of Canadian Artists elected members show which opens Sept 30 at the Halifax Club…sooo, since Rachie is there I’m super excited to be going to the opening reception with my daughter Rachel!  I’m really looking forward to some mummabear – middle daughterbear time.  Woo hoo!! Cant wait!

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About Sally Chupick

The way light falls on form, that's what interests me. It effects not only what we see but how we feel about things. The challenge is finding a harmony in the complexity of it; mixing what I see and what I want to see to create my paintings. I work in oils and in watercolours.
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One Response to Autumn watercolour, Kingston, and Rome!

  1. Barbara Muir says:

    Rome! I am really working at not being jealous. I love, love, love this sketch of one of my favorite buildings to look at. So classy. Super job. Have a wonderful time, and a great time in Halifax too.

    XO Barbara

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