Thousand Islands, oil paintings, plein air

Island View – oil on panel – 6″ x 8″   I had a dream last night where Dave and I lived on an island…I guess the mixed result of my recent islands excursion in the Thousand Islands, plus watching the first episode of Survivor Phillipines last night on tv! ha ha.    Anyway I thought I’d post the remainder of the plein air paintings I did on the weekend at Rockport.  The first one(on the left) was painted from Pine Island, the summer home of author John Keates.  Among his literary accomplishments he wrote: Of Time and An Island, an account of the private life of one of our great journalists family life on the St. Lawrence river.  The island  provided stunning 360 degree views.  But it was it’s energy that really moved me…rich in literary and family heritage; I could feel it envelop me as I climbed the humble stairs/decks of the  rambling cottage; cut through the winding woodland paths; gazed upon the authors writing cabin, which perched like an eagles nest on the highest point. 

I painted this(right) just up the hill from the artists registration tent set up by the water in Rockport.  For the purposes of simplicity I eliminated a lot of the boats and tourists; i was aiming for a postcard of the day.  It was a fair one, lots of sun and breezy racing clouds; great day for sailing, or for a spin in the outboard.
Great Day for a Plein Air Festival – oil on panel – 12″ x 9″

Islands Tugboat – oil on panel – 9″ x 12″   Friday morning began cloudy bright while I painted under the shade of a massive willow tree near the little marina.  I couldn’t resist this little tugboat, although i did choose to eliminate most of the other marina boats.

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About Sally Chupick

The way light falls on form, that's what interests me. It effects not only what we see but how we feel about things. The challenge is finding a harmony in the complexity of it; mixing what I see and what I want to see to create my paintings. I work in oils and in watercolours.
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2 Responses to Thousand Islands, oil paintings, plein air

  1. Barbara says:

    Wow you are a marvel. Great dream and beautiful paintings.

    XO Barbara

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