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Prince Edward County, Wine Tasting Tour, oil painting

County Wine Tour, oil on canvas
24 x 24

Following on inspiration from a wine tour weekend away in Prince Edward County a few weeks ago… i decided I’d work on 2 paintings I had started on this theme a while back.  One got a full glaze (in transparent earth red) and I’m waiting for it to dry before working into it again; but this one kept me busy most of today. I stopped myself before working it to death,  i’m liking the loose  brushwork.

It usually takes time for me to perculate ideas absorbed from travel… i’m better at condensing and simplifying painting ideas  if I give it a few weeks knocking about in my head first.  So today, while painting this theme,  I am also thinking about my recent trip to Rome, and how I felt about that eternal city.

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Kingston Cultural Buildings sketches

Before the Show – watercolour-4×6″  

These are the others in a series of 4 little watercolour sketches I completed for the City of Kingston, cultural buildings.  In this one(left) I had a bit of fun, going for the mood of the lamplight/show lights spilling onto the street captured with brown ink and watercolour.

Pumphouse Steam Museum-4×6″- w/c

In this sketch (on the right) what interested me was the contrast between the structure of the building and the soft canopy of trees around it.

McLaughlin Woodworking Museum-4×6″-w/c

I pushed the colours in this little sketch because I wanted to make it sing.  The pioneer log cabin museum on an early August morning allowed me to imagine the possibilities of a simple life before the twentieth century dawned.



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SCA show – Halifax

Here’s Rachel and I at the Halifax Club for the  opening reception of the Society Canadian Artists Elected Members Exhibition which we attended on Sunday afternoon. It was a fun opportunity to connect with other SCA members, share the art love.   The thumbnail on the left is the piece I entered in the show.  It was exciting for me to see the works from the other artists. There was about 70 pieces.  The show runs until Dec 30th.
I loved the musical accompaniment;  a  duo called the Fine Tuners.  … had a hard time not breaking into a jig! I’m a little bit obsessed with east coast music and the fiddle in particular…must be my Nova Scotia roots.

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Rome in September

On Sunday Sep 23rd, we stopped at the Spanish Steps for a photo, along  with a million other tourists!  After the sun went down, we found a table at one of the hundreds of open air restaurants nearby for dinner.  I love the evening atmosphere in Rome… so magical… outdoor cafe’s spilling onto tiny back alleys; cars, motorbikes, musicians, restauranteurs…Rome is definately La Dolce Vite.(the sweet life)  The other picture is us on day 3, at the Piazza Venezia; that’s the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier behind us. No-one can sit on those steps…they are under 24 hr guard. Dave got the afternoon off from work, and we took a tour to the catacombs just outside of the old city wall.  That was interesting and enlightening… I always thought that’s where Christians hid from persecution, but in fact that is only a legend…catacombs were Christian buriel places which formed a maze of alleys and tunnels in the volcanic rock underground.
The Vatican Museums, are breathtaking in the scope of the collections.  I loved the Raphael rooms.(left)  The incredible ceiling paintings throughout the whole expanse of the museums is absolutely jaw-dropping…and the Michelangelo paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is but only one of them!  To the right  is just one of the decorated ceilings in a long hall, which was full of 15th century maps and artifacts.  Below is a courtyard in the museum.  Five days in Rome = happy Sally!

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Autumn watercolour, Kingston, and Rome!

City Hall in Autumn – watercolour/brown ink – 4″ x 6″   This is one of 4 little sketches I did by commission for the City of Kingston…they requested a sketch of each of the city’s 4 cultural buildings and this, being City Hall,  is one of them.  I think they might use them for some publications.  I love great architecture, and I’ve always loved our little City Hall.   Autumn dresses it up a bit.
Tomorrow I’m headed for Rome, Italy. (speaking of architecture and art!) woohoo!… a little bit excited!  After that, i’m in Halifax.  One of my piece’s is in the Society of Canadian Artists elected members show which opens Sept 30 at the Halifax Club…sooo, since Rachie is there I’m super excited to be going to the opening reception with my daughter Rachel!  I’m really looking forward to some mummabear – middle daughterbear time.  Woo hoo!! Cant wait!

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Thousand Islands, oil paintings, plein air

Island View – oil on panel – 6″ x 8″   I had a dream last night where Dave and I lived on an island…I guess the mixed result of my recent islands excursion in the Thousand Islands, plus watching the first episode of Survivor Phillipines last night on tv! ha ha.    Anyway I thought I’d post the remainder of the plein air paintings I did on the weekend at Rockport.  The first one(on the left) was painted from Pine Island, the summer home of author John Keates.  Among his literary accomplishments he wrote: Of Time and An Island, an account of the private life of one of our great journalists family life on the St. Lawrence river.  The island  provided stunning 360 degree views.  But it was it’s energy that really moved me…rich in literary and family heritage; I could feel it envelop me as I climbed the humble stairs/decks of the  rambling cottage; cut through the winding woodland paths; gazed upon the authors writing cabin, which perched like an eagles nest on the highest point. 

I painted this(right) just up the hill from the artists registration tent set up by the water in Rockport.  For the purposes of simplicity I eliminated a lot of the boats and tourists; i was aiming for a postcard of the day.  It was a fair one, lots of sun and breezy racing clouds; great day for sailing, or for a spin in the outboard.
Great Day for a Plein Air Festival – oil on panel – 12″ x 9″

Islands Tugboat – oil on panel – 9″ x 12″   Friday morning began cloudy bright while I painted under the shade of a massive willow tree near the little marina.  I couldn’t resist this little tugboat, although i did choose to eliminate most of the other marina boats.

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